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Under the federal Learn and Serve America program, students in middle and high school grades enhance their studies by applying learning to real-world needs in their communities. The Technology Center For Teaching & Learning’s software helps students complete their community needs assessment.

How it works

The Learn and Serve software system uses technology to support every phase of the community needs assessment process. Students plan and design their community survey on a web site, interview community members with the assistance of their handheld device, then synchronize the data with the web and analyze it using spreadsheets and web reports.

The result: Each class analyzes survey responses to find the ideal community service project to undertake.


  • Learning is enhanced because each class chooses its own survey design and identifies the categories of information that they will need.
  • Use of a handheld device in data collection means that students will learn all questions that must be asked, and all survey results will be uniform and consistent with one another.
  • Synchronization of data with the project web site is immediate and accurate, permitting quicker, more concentrated analysis.
  • Results are reported in a standardized form, permitting students to compare and contrast the merits of each individual community project.



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