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Inspections and surveys can be a slow, painstaking process built around paper forms, or they can be swift, consistent, and accurate through the use of electronic hand-held devices. Using The Technology Center For Teaching & Learning’s software, inspectors quickly gather data that can be easily accessed and processed to identify trends, gaps, and problem areas with a minimum of paperwork.

How it works
Inspectors or surveyors use the web to schedule surveys and notify sites via email. They sync their handheld devices to download any pre-inspection worksheets, background data, violation history, or previous survey results, directions to the site, and other relevant comments. Once at the site, inspectors record data via easy-to-use digital forms, adding photos and audio recordings where appropriate to support their findings.

When the inspection or survey is complete, sync the handheld device to transfer inspection to the secure server which automatically, compiles the results, and generates reports. Reports are made available for review by inspection participants, administrators, and others as necessary.


  • Inspections proceed rapidly and accurately, with useful data ready for nearly immediate posting.
  • Surveyors can use photos, audio, or video to validate inspection findings.
  • Surveyors can easily access historic data to inform current inspections.
  • Paperwork is significantly reduced or eliminated.
  • Inspection results are entered just once.
  • Administrators easily track progress over a period of years to identify problem areas and trends.
  • Handheld devices speed inspection/survey time: provide one-click input, allow cutting and pasting of repeated information, and permit data to be preloaded where appropriate.
  • All data is centrally and securely located.
  • Standardized forms and reports are easy to update across the board, eliminating version issues.


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