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Monitoring government grants is time-consuming and data intensive. On a pre-determined schedule, agencies must gather data from multiple sources, including self-evaluations, and store it in a central location where reports can be generated at multiple levels for a variety of audiences.

How it works
Self- and onsite-evaluations are electronically scheduled from a centralized location via the web. Using a handheld device, data is entered by one or more independent auditors doing on-site evaluations.  Data may also be entered by the grantee as a self-evaluation.  Once entered, data is stored on a secure data management website where reports may be generated at a variety of levels. From the reports, problem areas and trends can easily be identified in support of compliance determinations and follow-up actions.


  • Easier, centralized self-evaluation. Makes it simpler to identify problem areas.
  • Data is collected and organized for distribution and reporting on time.
  • Reporting is available at multiple levels.
  • Multiple views with different access rights determine what information is available.
  • Data collected by a number of different individuals is automatically aggregated and categorized for reporting purposes.
  • Field evaluation is simpler and quicker with less paperwork, improved access to history and self-evaluation data, and no re-entering of information.


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