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Classroom Observations and Assessments

The Technology Center For Teaching & Learning’s observation and assessment products combine the power of real-time observation with centralized databases and reporting tools to create accurate, timely and thorough documentation to support valid and reliable evaluations of student progress.

How it works
Teachers use a handheld device to record student observations as they happen in the classroom. The device is loaded with software that provides quick entry forms and anecdotal notes as well as a photo manager that make it easy for teachers to collect and document evidence of student progress.

The handheld device stores observations locally until a stable wireless internet connection is detected.  At that time, it transfers observations to the data management website for secure storage and generation of reports. Using a desktop or laptop computer with Internet access, teachers may review, edit and augment their observations. If more than one educator has recorded observations, they are automatically collated for each student.

Once assessment data is gathered, reports may be created to chart the progress or continuing educational needs, in all academic, social/emotional, or physical development category, for each student, groups of students, classrooms, schools, or teachers. Other reports provide information for progress tracking and administrative overview.


    • Handheld devices are readily available to record observations as they happen.


    • Form-based and other flexible input options make recording observations faster, resulting in more observations and better assessment.


    • Observations can include photos and work samples, increasing their usefulness, authenticity, and reliability.


    • Observations from multiple sources are combined using a centralized database.


    • Observations are automatically categorized, allowing all relevant observations to be readily available when creating assessments.


    • Data can be entered via handheld devices, PCs, or Macs and are accessible to those with proper user identification and passwords from any Internet connection.


    • Reporting options are available at multiple levels for progress tracking and program monitoring.



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