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The beauty of The Technology Center For Teaching & Learning’s software solutions is that they work in just about any environment where data is now collected using outdated, manual, and error-prone systems. Using our standard architecture, TCTL software can easily and inexpensively be adapted to fit nearly any data collection and reporting system, using handheld devices, tablets, laptops or desktop computers.  Supported platforms include Windows, Android and Apple’s iOS.

How it works

TCTL developers and managers meet with you and your staff to survey your data-collection and reporting needs, and your existing hand-held, computer, and Internet capabilities. Of special interest are forms and procedures now in use.

The Technology Center For Teaching & Learning then adapts its systems to your precise requirements, suggesting when appropriate modifications that may save time and money. A prototype system is developed for testing by your staff and is modified as often as necessary to make certain that the correct information is collected, collated, categorized, placed in the central database, accessed, and modified as needed.

With your signoff on the prototype, TCTL proceeds to full implementation and training of your staff for a smooth transition to the new data system.


  • Your system works without a major investment in new hardware.
  • Because TCTL solutions are rooted in standard software conventions, your system is tailored to your needs yet is not based on isolated, proprietary, stand-alone code.
  • Your agency does not bear the cost of re-inventing the wheel. You pay only for implementation of your forms and systems and any other customization of our proven, pre-existing platform.


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